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Unified Digital Health Portal

A Dashboard that gives you 360 degree view of your health

  • View digitized test reports and images in a single dashboard.
  • Get Proactive Health(PH) Score and monitor changes in your health vitals.
  • Consult world class physicians and care providers using in-built telemedicine module.
  • Track your prescriptions and medications.

Why Proactive Health360?

  • Traditional treatment apporach is symptom and disease based.
  • Many chronic health conditions and lifestyle can be prevented if detected early.
  • Early detection can improve health outcomes and decrease overall cost of care.
Health Review

Health Review

  • Safely and securely consolidate and store your medical records and family health history in one place.
  • Share your health record with any of your doctors, anywhere in the world.
Preventative Screening

Preventative Screening

  • Comprehensive blood, urine analysis and multiple other screening tests.
  • Personalized health assessment helps you make healthy decisions.
Expert Collaboration

Expert Collaboration

  • Analysis of your results by our team of expert physicians and tracking the progress on your health journey.
  • Nutritional analysis, counseling and wellness coaching.
Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

  • Comprehensive health screening for corporate executives and employees
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention

256- Bit Encryption
DSCI Member

Safety & security of your data is our top priority

We provide multi-level security check & layers of encryption to protect against unauthorised access to data

All our data is backed up and has multiple versions across multiple server locations

Your data is never shared with anyone. Only you have the right to view and share your medical records.

About Us

The problem: The current model of medicine is reactive. We mostly see doctors when we are sick or have symptoms. Delayed diagnosis of disease can lead to poor outcomes and increased cost of care.

Our Solution:

Acquire = Historical Medical Data + Preventative Tests

We take historical data and combine it with important preventative tests to centralize your health information.

Analyze = Health Data + Risk Modeling

We process your health information and perform a detailed risk analysis. We make it easy for you to understand your health risks.

Act = Recommendations + Monitoring

We provide you with a detailed health status report and recommendations that would allow you to take charge of your health.